8 ways on How to get rid of gnats

Have you been thinking of how to get rid of gnats? This question has disturbed many. Others have been wondering where gnats come from. Gnats can be found on lakes that have grassy banks, they also hide in bushes and burrows. Getting rid of them can be very hard if you do not know some of the methods you can use. In this article, I have highlighted some of the best ways you can use to eliminate them. Most of the methods are easy and pocket friendly.

Some of the most common methods you can use are as follows.

1.    Use dish wash liquid


This is one of the best ways on how to get rid of gnats. You just need to take a jar, add some dish washing liquid then add some honey. This attracts the gnats towards the pot. Ensure the jar is not covered to allow gnats to fly inside. Once they get in they will not be able to move out since they will be trapped in the soapy solution. You can make several solutions and place them in different areas. Best ways on how to install laminate flooring

2.    Create soap and wine trap

Look for a small container like a shot glass and put three quarters of red wine, add a drop of soap and stir it gently, you can now leave it. After a few minutes, many gnats will be attracted to the wine. As they try to float on the liquid, the dish soap will break the wines surface tension and due to this, the gnats will fall.

3.    Close our door and windows


If you find gnats outside your house, you should make sure that your doors and windows are properly closed such that no gnats can enter. You can use a fly screen with a tight wire mesh if you want to leave the doors and windows open. Ensure that it is properly sealed.

4.    Use Ammonia

This is one of the best ways to kill gnats. This is because it has a strong odor which will not be resisted by gnats. Ammonia is a toxic agent ad will kill the gnats. You can pour small amounts of ammonia in the drain systems and in the sinks. This will kill the gnats living in those areas and destroy their eggs. It also prevents future breeding of gats in those areas. Kitchen lover.

5.    Use an insect spray

There are different varieties of sprays in supermarkets and hardware stores which can be used to kill all types of flying insects. You can spray on the gnats or around the area they occupy. This will not only kill the gnats, it will also kill other insects around. The type of spray you chose should not be harmful to pets.

6.    Use Lemon grass oil

Lemon grass oil can be utilized for spraying purposes in homes. It leaves a refreshing smell to the environment where it has been used. You can use it to spray around the house. You can spray it in the garden area and over the plants. This will keep the gnats that live around your house and those that live in plants away.

7.    Sticky strips

Use of tricky fly strips is another way of getting rid of gnats. You just need to hang them in different places to catch gnats. They are a good way of attracting flies but you need to replace them frequently, otherwise they do not look good. The good thing is that very are very easy to set.

8.    Use insect foggers

If you have tried everything and failed, you can consider insect foggers. You will need to cover or put away any dishes and food stuffs. You should also remove pets and stay away from your home for a day. You should leave your house sealed for some hours then air it out for some time. It can be harmful if inhaled. Foggers are good in that they remove all types of insects at once.


I hope the article has enlightened you on various methods on how to get rid of gnats. Have you enjoyed? As we have seen, getting rid of gnats can be a major challenge especially if you do not know how. With all the information in this article, I am sure now you will be able to look for the best method which is suitable for you. I will appreciate your views in the comments below. If you enjoyed feel free to share.






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