7 ways on how to get rid of ants

Would you like to know various methods on how to get rid of ants? Ants are small insects that stings and they usually stay in groups. They are mostly attracted by light, salt, sugary foods and water. Ants often build their nests in burrows or under cracks in pavements. There are different types of ants. Dealing with them has been a major problem to many. Due to this, I have compiled this article to guide you on some of the best methods you can use to eliminate them.

1.    Keep your house clean


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Try to remove food crumbs, wipe out spills and ensure your dishes are clean; these are a source of food for ants. A clean house keeps the ants away. You can spray a combination of vinegar and water around the bowls of pet food to keep the insects away. This is one of the best ways on how to get rid of ants.

2.    Erase their trails

If you identify one ant, you are likely to find others. This is because ants usually leave a scented trail that is followed by others. Sweeping or mopping does not eliminate the scent. You can mix vinegar with water in a spray bottle and spray areas you have seen ants before. This keeps away outdoor nesting ants, which enter the house to look for food, but this cannot remove ants, which are already staying inside the house. You should use bait to kill them.

3.    Look for their nest


This is another way of getting rid of ants. Carpenter ants can do a lot of structural damage to your house and find their nest may not be simple. It’s very easy to find insects in damp areas like on the framing. You can also find them in areas with water damage. You can cut slight holes in water-damaged walls as you look for their nest. You can repair the walls later. Once you locate the nest, you should spray it with insecticide, which contains deltamethrin, bifenthrin or permethrin. Replace the damaged wood and repair the water leak. If you do not find the nest, you can consider hiring a pest control service.

4.    Kill the scouts

Colonies usually send out lone ants to look for food sources. If you find an ant moving across your coffee table, do not allow it to go back to the nest. If so, it will come back with a trail of other ants. They follow a scented trail, and the best thing you can do is to kill them by using bait.

5.    Spray entry points

After removing their nest, you should take measures to ensure that they don’t return. You can seal holes and use insecticide to spray around windows and doors. Spray in all entry point and ensure the surface is wet enough. This does not kill the ants which are already inside, but it helps to keep the insects away.

6.    Use foggers

Before you fog, ensure that all the drawers, closets, cupboard and cabinets are open. You should also cover all the dishes, food processing equipment and utensils. Waxed furniture and waxed wood work in the surrounding should be well covered. Outside doors and windows should also be closed. Smoke alarms should be disconnected temporarily. Shut off fans and all air conditioners. Foggers should not be used in a cabinet or under a table. This method kills everything.

7.    Dish detergent mixture

Soap solutions can be used as insecticides to kill ants and other insects. Soaps usually have insecticidal properties although each soap has a different formula so some soap might work while others may not. To ensure that it will work, you can get insecticidal soap from a supermarket or hardware. A solution of this soap should be sprayed directly on the ants for it to be effective.


Have you learned something? I hope the article has educated you on various methods on how to get rid of ants. As we have seen, ants are very common and dealing with them has been a big challenge to many. With all the information in this article, I am sure now you know the best ways to deal with them. I will appreciate your views in the comments below. If you enjoyed, please feel free to share.







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