Car seat covers

Investing in car seat covers has a lot of benefits. It helps in protecting the original car upholstery from wear and tear and also increases its resale value. It also enhances the appearance of the interior of the car. If you have bought a second hand car, then you should change the car seat covers to give it a new and attractive look and hides all the old existing damage. You could read about the best seat covers for car reviews to get one. There are a wide variety of car seat covers available and choosing the right one for your car may be daunting.



The primary factors which influence the buying of seat covers are:


The amount of money you are willing to allocate to buy your car seats is important. This influences the type and material of car seat covers. For e.g. Leather seat covers are more expensive than fabric ones.


There are mainly two kinds of seat covers: Slip on seat covers and tie on seat covers. Slip on seat covers are slipped over the seats and secured at the bottom with elastic. Tie on seat covers are wrapped over the seat and tied at the bottom or at the back of the seat. Custom seat covers are also available for specific models. They are however expensive.


Function is the utility or the purpose for which the car is used. A family car with children and pets using it will require waterproof or spill proof seat covers. Cars used for sporting activities may involve wet swimsuits or other accessories to be dumped in the car.

Once the above factors have been clearly defined we then proceed to the next step of selecting the right kind of material. There are varieties of material used for car seat covers. They can be cloth, leather, velour, neoprene, vinyl etc. Each has its share of pros and cons.  The climate and weather conditions also influence the kind of fabric chosen. A few points on some of the commonly used materials are given below.


Leather is expensive but it gives your car a traditional and dignified look. They are however available only in subdued neutral shades. Genuineness of leather must be ascertained before paying. Leather is easy to clean and durable.  It does not stain easily and can be wiped if anything is spilled on it. One major disadvantage of leather is that it is not suited for extreme temperatures.  They are also a bad choice if you have pets since dogs or cats have claws which can damage the leather.


Fabric seat covers are very popular and are available in a wide variety of colors, texture and pattern. They are also relatively inexpensive and easy to wash.  They are very comfortable and do not get heated up in summer or cool down in winter. They are heat resistant and so remain unaffected by the weather. One disadvantage is that they require frequent cleaning as they become dirty soon. Colors and patterns can be chosen accordingly.




They are expensive but very comfortable. They can be used both during summer and winter. One important point to be remembered is that they have to be spot cleaned. Frequent washing especially, the wrong way can destroy them.


While a lot of care is exercised in selecting and buying car seat covers an important feature must not be forgotten. It is regular maintenance. Even the most careful passengers have episodes of spilling, staining etc No one wants to spill the sauce or burger they are eating but it is inevitable. Children and pets contribute in their own way to the litter in the car. Regular cleaning of the car interiors and brushing away crumbs etc will go a long way in extending its durability. Spills have to be promptly cleaned and vacuuming the interior removes the hidden impurities.  Harsh sunlight can also damage your interiors. It is not always possible to park your car in the shade.  By using sunshades and tinted windows the effect can be reduced.


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