Advantages of a train table

Play is something always associated with children. It is a pleasure to watch your little one frowning in concentration assembling his/her blocks or train. A train table is ideal for this. Train tables provide a stable surface. It is suggested for child ages 3 and above. The height of train table is not higher than 18” with a circumference of about 50”.  Train tables are made of faux wood and generally include a bright colored mat. They are available in a wide range of colors. You can buy one that matches the playroom. It can also be of your child’s favorite color. They can be bought with or without the train. They can also be used for other activities. Some of the advantages in buying a train table are revealed to you in this article. You could read about this best train table features to get one best train table for children.


  1.  Encourages Creativity

They help to simulate pretend play. This encourages the child’s creative imagination. Children have great imagination and they may recreate their favorite characters and situations. Train tables have different images on top. Some have landscape designs. Children make believe actions of going into a forests, mountains etc.  Some parents even like to buy one with a blank top and allow the child to create one temporarily or paste a design they like.

  1.  Problem solving skills

Building tracks and structures is an organized activity. Problem solving skills involve seeing a relation between two things.  The child learns this when assembling the tracks and running the train through. Right alignment of pieces is necessary. This involves planning and organization.

  1. In Public places

Train tables are found in schools, Dentist’s office, museums and other public places. Children learn group activity and also interaction with other children. Playing with other children can teach social skills like sharing and helping. These are positive values which help in life.

  1.  Motor skill development

There is a general belief that keeping a child busy helps in releasing energy. Using a train table for play also increases motor activities of a child. Child move round the table and rather than sitting in one place. Picking up small pieces develops hand dexterity and co ordination. Assembling different pieces and objects help in muscle co ordination.

  1.  Improves safety and reduces clutter

Train tables give children a special place for playing. This helps in keeping all the toys from being scattered about. Toddlers also may trip and topple constructed blocks while playing. Small pieces of toys lying round may be a hazard and cause elders to slip and fall. Train tables are also available with drawers to store the toys when not in use. Train tables are also available with drawers to store the toys when not in use.  Children also learn to keep back toys after playing.

  1.  Other advantages

This is a wonderful gift for a boy or girl. They have multi utilities. They can be used for toy trains, playing with cars or trucks, dollhouse, Lego toys etc. Train tables are also hygienic and there is no risk of germs as in the floor. Grandparents may also enjoy sitting and watching the children playing. Depending on finances things can also be gradually added.

Some of the branded train tables available in USA are

  • .Brio Play table
  • Thomas wooden railway play table
  • Big jigs rail train table with drawers
  • Plan toys toy table
  • Chugging ton wooden railway let’s ride the trails play table
  • Melina and Doug deluxe wooden multi activity
  • P’kolina little modern activity table


Train tables can be used for a long time and hence they must be sturdy and of good quality. A good train table must have an edge to contain tracks and parts. This helps in preventing parts from slipping on to the floor. Tables are available in wood and plastic also. Plastic tables are lighter. Tables can be bought online also. Train tables can be bought with or without train sets. Sometimes buying both the table and trains are expensive. Some families already have train sets.  For them train tables can be bought and other accessories added. A lot of DIY train tables are also available. Making your own train table is both economical and fun. Pinterest has many ideas for DIY train tables.

Hi! I am Tom Hardy, a toy advisor @ ToysAdvisors. I have three kids, and love to share with you about toys and equipments for kid.

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