6 best guitar pedals

Have you ever thought about how you can get the best guitar pedals? In this article, I will I have highlighted some of the best devices you can choose. Before buying, you should consider the following factors.

  • Functionality- The pedal should be easy to use.
  • Arrange additional pedals on the right order – You can try a second or third pedal as you try the first pedal. This is to determine how multiple pedals works together.
  • Know the sound effects – Distortion, wah wah, phase shifter and chorus are the four basic effects a guitarist should explore. Every pedal usually has a unique sound, which is determined by the internal operations of the pedal.


These are the best pedals you should consider.

Zoom G21NU Multi-effect Guitar pedal  

It gives the rhythm of drums to your clients from the paddle. It has over 200 pre-set melodies, which you can use in live concerts. It also has hundreds of user set tunes. You can use the 30 amperes simulators in the device to set the perfect bass and tremble. You should get this paddle if you are really looming to rock on stage. It has an attractive look and it is very easy to use. It is a short and light paddle. It has a length of 7 inches and its weight is not more than 2 pounds.

BEHRINGER X V-AMP LX1-X Guitar pedals

If you are looking for a paddle device for live shows this can be the best for you. It is small and handy. It is easy to carry due to its light weight. It provides hundreds of user interface which have more than 30 pre set tunes. You will get the best support of devices with utmost clarity. It is very simple to use and there is no need for manuals.  It has two switches, which are operated by foot, the over screen makes it be more simple. It has a great sound quality.



It has a distortion classic that produces different tones like mild overdrive, classic distortion despite having three knobs. It has a rugged metal case, which is unique and long lasting. James Hetfield and Joe Walsh have used it. It is a very powerful distortion pedal, which covers all the ground, which you would like to cover.


It is one of the most common types of analog delays in the world. It has switchable modulation controls, which, emulates the warble of an old tape echo unit. It gives you up to 600ms of delay, this means you can dial in rockability slapback throughout to epic echoes which produce tons of space to your guitar. It can be used to add dimension to solos. You can also decide to be subtle and reserved or twist the knob which makes the pedal be self-oscillate for some hellacious sonic chaos.

Dunlop GCB95 The Original Cry Baby® Wah Wah

This one of the best guitar pedals. It is usually known as the original crybaby wah wah.  In regards to its size, it doesn’t look like a baby but it might make you cry after hearing its sound. It is made up of diecast iron, which makes it be one of the toughest effects available in the market. It uses a single 9v battery, AC and DC. It is very simple to use. To switch on, just press forward until you get a click to activate it. You should do the same when switching it off. It has been used by great legends like Jimi Hendrix. It produces great sounds on highs and is good on the lows.

Delta Lab DGFX1 Bass Multi-Effects Guitar pedal

You just need to make the arrangement then allow it to play the music for you. This can be easily done by the new DGFX1. It can produce 11 music at once, you don’t need to change the system to get a particular track. You can set it to play one track after the other, which makes the program rock by itself. It is loud and very clear. It is light and very effective.


I’m sure you have learned a lot, have you? Those are some of the best guitar pedals, which you can purchase. As we have seen, all the above pedals have different features. You should compare them and try to come up with the best device, which will give you the best service.  A good pedal should not be too noisy, should not be heavy and should have easy power requirements. It should also be reliable, easy to use and should give you the best sound. I will appreciate your views in the comments below, feel free to share if you liked it.


Hi, my name’s Samuel T.Cummins. I love music so much and I’ve been playing guitar for 7 years. Blogging is my hobby and I’m happy so much to share my knowledge with everyone.



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