Ways to keep your home clean

You might think of why should I keep my home clean? Clean home is aesthetically alluring to other people .Cleanliness is something that keeps you and your home dirt free. We know that untidy rooms look like room of unhappy and forlorn people.  If you want to live a healthy life with good health you have to keep you home clean. You can clean your home on daily basis as well as weekly basis. But in order to avoid disease that may cause some serious problems you have to keep you home clean on daily basis. In your busy life you must spend 10 minutes to 20 minutes on cleaning your kitchen and your toilets. Because these are the place which give birth to germ and if you do not take it seriously it may damage your health.  Several people clean their home because neat and organized homes positively affects you emotional and psychological well being.  There are several ways and habits if you follow them on daily basis you can easily keep your home clean. Moreover, there are several advantages that are attached with cleanliness and some serious disadvantages if you do not clean your home. So cleaning home reduces health problems which in turn lead to reduction in your medical bills. We know that dust in your home is the major cause of asthma and other flu problems. 

So you can protect you financing from medical bills if you keep your home clean. If you want to reduce your furnishing bills you have to keep appropriate care of your upholstery and other stuff at your home. If your room is messy then there is a risk of slip and falls so in order to reduce risk of injury keep your room tidy.  For house wives who spend whole day at home it is a source of exercise for them and it reduces anxiety as well as obesity. Moreover, exercise releases chemicals that keep you health and fit. Clean home gives a feel good factor. There are few habits that we follow them on daily we can keep our home clean. First of all, whenever we wake up in the morning we must make our bed. We have to just flatten the bed cover and put pillows at their own places.

Most of the times we used something then we put it on table until tomorrow so it lead to disorder of your home. Whenever we enter in to the home we must leave shoes at the door because if we get into home with shoes so it makes a way for the dirt and unwanted dust to get into your home. This habit can cause serious health problem as well as it can reduce the life of your carpets and other stuff at your home. So leaving shoes at door can help you to increase the life of carpets as well as it will keep your floor clean. Another habit is clean as you are required to clean if you wait for the long time to clean then it will put you in all day marathon cleaning session so if you want to avoid the long session you must clean your home as needed.

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Considering myself as being wealthy

They say being wealthy, you must be rich, but I disagree. Wealthy to me is having it all that means money, love, happiness, freedom andgood health. I consider myself as wealthy because I was not born in a too well off family. We had to struggle through life. We sometimes did not eat food we slept hungry. I remember my father tellingus; it is only you that can make your life successful. I really did not understand at that time what that meant but the words came to life later in life. My parents struggled through life and they managed to take us to school and do I tell you I worked hard so as to succeed because as the saying goes you are nothing in this world without education. People in school used to call me by all sorts of name because I came from a poor family. But that did not in any way discourage me. I had it all my parents love and good grades but something was missing, I had this void in me that I thought the only way it could get filled was from the love from the opposite sex.

The only thing I remember I was not a social person and that means boys did not notice me and that really frustrated me because all my friends had boyfriends. I really wanted to have a boy in my life so desperately that I fell for the traps of another guy who used to abuse me but I could not leave me because he was the only person that had noticed me in the whole school or so I thought. I became pregnant. This really disappointed my father and me too. I decided to stop and focus on my studies but I kept going back to the guy and with time I got pregnant again. Now this was the last blow. My father threw me out of the house and my mother could not do anything because it either I go or we leave together, I had to go to the father of my children to support me but he too refused. All alone, in the world, I had to come with ways on how to survive and a friend reached out to me and truly showed me my problem. She told me that I had never accepted that the death of my sister was not my fault and I had never truly healed and I thought the only way to cover up my guilt and make me feel good was love from men which was wrong. She told me for me to achieve the status I so desired in life was to forgive myself and let go of the guilt. I had to go through self-healing and self-realization.

And with time I gained confidence, I started to love me more and more. I never knew that confidence in yourself could get you the thing you want. As I was going through my business on this day I met this handsome guy, we got talking and we became really good friends with time. One thing led to another, and today we are happily married and he adores my two children. I got the opportunity to finish my school and today I am a successful lawyer.

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I loved my mother more after I became a mother myself

It is very difficult for any child to understand what their parents want from them in their childhood as there is a big difference in the mental level of a child and his parents, mostly when we are young and our mother use to take care of our things like toys, clothes and other stuff. We use to say to her to leave all that at their places as well will again play with our toys so no need to put them back in baskets. For us, we say that our mother use to do extra work, as there is no need to do such work as mentioned earlier but from our mother’s point of view, we were wrong and things should be kept in the proper manner.
In our childhood we didn’t understand this phenomenon of our parents especially of our mother and use to encourage our self that we are right and are parents are wrong. But our view gets changed when we fill in our parents shoes. The same thing happened with me when I got married and I had my first baby girl. I was a very carefree girl in my teen age and use to say to my mother that she took extra care of me which was not necessary. But when I became a mother and when I use to wake up all night just to make sure that my child sleeps well, I realized that how wrong I was.
It is easy to say things to others especially to your parents but when the tables are turned and you come at their place, then you realize that how they use to take care of you and use to manage other things at the same time. How they use to fulfill your every desire despite of not having enough budget. After being a mother, I realized that it not an easy task to raise a child. It’s like taking care of the every step of your child while she walks, sleeps or eats. In the end I would like to say that we should all take care of our parents at their old age as they did in our childhood because I have realized now, after being a mother, that how hard it is to be a parent and how important task it is that is the reason that now I love my mother more after I became a mother myself.

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